Polaris Baja

Polaris Baja is a dealership and leader in both off-road lifestyle and statewide sales on RZR Vehicles. They approached us to design and develop a portal where they would sell vehicles and accesories as well as posting daily updates on off-road lifestyle and SCORE Baja 1000.


Front-End • Web Design • E-Commerce

The project was quite ambitious since it will shroud a wide arrange of services from tune-ups to delivering your new RZR to your front door. The main design was sprung on Sketch and the development took place on WordPress as it offered the widest arrange of capabilities for the E-Commerce, Blog, Customer Relations and vehicle quote engine.



Polaris developers took over on the rest of the site configuration and as expected everything is was in order, soon customers throughout the whole region will be able to purchase their off-road paraphernalia, RZR Vehicles and stay tuned on what is coming next.

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Polaris Baja

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