About Us

We merge proven experience with a modern vision, confidence with creativity and intelligence with innovation.

The reason clients rely on Black Palm Development is the combination of our most valuable assets: vision and experience.

Their coexistence is the reason we thrive. Investors and owners vouch for our accountability and capability to push our own limits with each project developed.

Our company was founded by Lane Holland and Edgar Caballero. Prior founding Black Palm Development, Lane and Edgar were two of the partners that helped create HRV Hotel Partners, being completelyresponsible for overseeing all projects and operations of HRV in Mexico.

This background gives us a competitive edge, a complete understanding of the services we provide and the benefit of assembling special teams of professionals regarding our expertise: hotels, resorts and resort residential type projects.

We are relentless in our pursuit for excellence. A value-adding focus determines how we proceed and manage every step of a project. When a shared vision is set to build upon we let experience pave the way.

Where we have worked

We can firmly state our combined experience overcomes any challenge, no matter where.

At Black Palm Development we’ve assembled a team of experts with vast experience working in many locations, successfully dealing with the complexities each one of them brings.

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