Google for Education

I had the opportunity to work alongside Google for Education México in a standard informational website aimed at teachers and Google Suite partners.

Google for education is a division of Google, Inc. that aims at improving the educational system through technology culture. This solutions are aimed at students, teachers and school directives amongst all educational levels.

The Website

Working back to back with the ‘General Bachelor Direction’ at national level in Mexico, Google set up a contest to incorporate Google’s G-Suite tools throughout all academic levels. Once the winners were picked, Google for Education México needed a place to showcase said courses and partners.

Resource Directory

Front-End • Web Design • Media Kit

This website was designed in Sketch and developed in about a week, the website was meant to be simple enough to be mantained by entry level people with basic HTML/CSS knowledge. A set of custom photography and newsletters along with a resource guide was produced for scalability and variablity in marketing campaigns and social media promotion.

Marketing Resources


The website recieves daily users expecting to find answers and solutions to their questions and problems regarding gSuite. The partners and teachers have done an amazing job keeping support and client relationships in shape. The website refers customers daily to partners and coaches to develop new programs using gSuite as well as the actual sale of products such as Chromebooks and suscriptions.

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Front-End / Web Design

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Branding / Key Visuals

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Art Direction / Branding

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Media Kit / Website

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