Forma Marketing

I joined forma marketing's team recently and my first assigment was to develop identity and branding for the agency. I had strong japanese influences and modular golden ratio grid structure in the development and design of the mark.

Branding • Web Design • Front-End

The main brainstorming process took place on the studio's first week, we were only two guys with used equipment in a rented cubicle. My main tools were only pen and paper, the first few days I would only sketch a couple sheets away burning the blanks. The design process was done in Adobe Illustrator and the palette was made with as the greatest companionship. I quickly wipped up a landing page in Sketch and got hands on in Atom to develop it the front-end in HTML/CSS.

PUERTO RICO C66 M00 Y 4 1 K00 48B F AB FRENCH GRAY C00 M00 Y 00 K30 BCB E C0 CRUSTA C0 0 3 M63 Y 19 K00 FF7F3F FLAMINGO C 0 3 M 7 4 Y7 7 K00 E A 68 4 7

Landing Page

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